Wholesale Checkout Process

As a PatternVine Wholesale Program member, you will receive a 40% discount on all prices on the patternvine.com site.  You will not be charged sales tax/VAT but will be responsible for collecting that yourself during checkout in your brick-and-mortar shop, and paying that yourself to the appropriate agencies in your area.  For complete information on our wholesale program see the following:  Wholesale FAQs.

Below are the steps for APPROVED PATTERNVINE WHOLESALE PROGRAM MEMBERS to complete a wholesale transaction through patternvine.com and then selling the pattern through your shop.  Wholesale Application

1.  Log into your account on patternvine.com:

Wholesale Customer Logged In

2.  Find patterns your customer wants.  You will see the discounted price in the individual product information pages, but not in the filter/search function.  Below is a picture of a single product with discount showing, and a picture of the search area in which the wholesale rates are not showing (but they will still be applied at checkout):

Individual product in wholesale view with discount showing.

Wholesale view of search/filtered product listing - no discounts showing.

3.  Add product(s) to your cart.  You will be able to pay for all of your wholesale purchases at one time.  Note that no taxes will show on either your cart or your wholesale checkout:

Cart will show discount.

4.  Click checkout on your cart screen to take you to the final checkout area:

Checkout in wholesale customer logged in view

5.  Use one of the accelerated pay options (Apple Pay or Google Pay) to check out, and if you wish, save your payment information in those options to make checking out easier and quicker:



6.  Complete your checkout on PatternVine and you will see your purchase confirmation:


7.  Now you can download the PDF of the pattern and either email it to your customer, or print it for your customer.  In order to capture the retail payment from your customer, you will have to add the product to your point of sale system, and then check your customer out.