Setting Pattern Discounts

Hi Sellers!

Setting discounts is easy!  The one thing to remember is that the "Compare At" price is the ORIGINAL FULL PRICE of your pattern.  Price discount setting must be done manually - this means that if you choose to run a sale between certain dates, you will have to go back into that product on the day the sale ends and reset the prices to their regular amounts.

Here's how to set a discount:

1.  Log into your seller account here:

2.  Click on "Products" in the menu at the top of your seller screen and select "Products Listing":

3.  Click on the three dots to the right hand side of the product you wish to edit and then select "Edit" from that pop-up menu:

4.  In the product information screen, scroll to the bottom and you will see two fields - one for "Compare At Price" and one for "Price".  REMEMBER - "Compare At Price" is the ORIGINAL FULL PRICE.  "Price"  refers to the NEW price if you've entered a "Compare At Price" and the regular price if there is NOTHING in the "Compare At Price" field.  Once you've set your prices, click the "SAVE" button to make the changes effective in the marketplace. 

Here is what the discount looks like in the marketplace on a product page:

If you have further questions please email!