Community Policies

PatternVine is a site for designers and owners of pattern design copyrights to sell their designs directly to customers online, and/or through the PatternVine Affiliate Program.  

PatternVine is an open marketplace that requires its participants to abide by the following community policies:

  • Community members, whether pattern designers, sellers, PatternVine Affiliate Program Members, or customers must interact respectfully.  Absolute agreement among members of any community cannot be expected at all times, but respectful behavior and language are required at all times.
  • PatternVine reserves the right to suspend or cancel/delete the accounts of members communicating threats or using language intended to harm, or cause harm to individuals, businesses, or groups.  Suspended or canceled/deleted accounts will not be reactivated for any reason.
  • PatternVine will not discriminate or condone discrimination on the basis of, but not limited to: gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, race, national origin, disability, pregnancy, or veteran status.  PatternVine will not tolerate discriminatory behavior, language, or actions on the basis of the above mentioned.
  • PatternVine is a privately held company with the purpose of offering a public marketplace.  As such, although the marketplace is public, PatternVine reserves the right to make any changes to its policies, offerings, pricing, or any other aspect of its business at any time, without advance notice to community members.

Please note:  Violation of community policies will not be tolerated, and violations indicating any threat of harm will be forwarded immediately to appropriate authorities.